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Batteries and power supplies

With the exception of the vehicular equipment (RT321, RT353, DMU and ATR) most of the Clansman radios and accesories ran from dedicated batteries. The following are the known Clansman batteries.

  • 24V 4AH NiCad for RT320, RT351/352 and RT344
  • 28V 16AH Lithium single-use for RT320, RT351/352 and RT344
  • 24V 1AH NiCad for RT320, RT351/352 and RT344
  • 14V 4AH NicCad for RT350
  • 12V Battery Cassette (10 x C-Cells) for RT350
  • 12V Non-Rechargeable and NiCad for RT349
  • 12V Battery Cassette (10 x AA-Cells) for RT349
Sets that used the 4AH 24V battery were usually powered by a DCCU float charging the battery when in a vehicle. The RT320/1 manual also shows a 24V power lead with crocodile clips and a diode (for reverse polarity protection) to allow use of 24V signals batteries.

The vehicular equipment normally ran from a 24V vehicle supply but could be used dismounted with a pair of 12V signals batteries connected in series to give 24V. Unlike the portable radios, which seem to have been designed only for smoothed battery suppies, the vehicular sets are specified to work from 20 to 30 V with 6V of ripple.

A 24V 10A bench mains PSU was also available which works well with the RT321 - it is not quite up to running an RT353 on its 50 watt high power setting. A 50 Amp PSU was also available as part of the UK/VRC322 300 watt HF station. The following are the vehicular and fixed power supplies.

  • 24V 10A PSU for RT321 and RT353
  • 24V 50A PSU primarily for VRC322
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