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This page began as a private bookmark page that I kept so I could find sites again whichever PC I was using. It is now made available for the convenience of other Clansman users in the hope that it will be useful, but no liability is accepted for the content of other web sites.
The VMARS manuals site
A wide range of Clansman (and other) vintage and military radio manuals and articles are available free of charge from here. A members-only service for crown copyright manuals is in development which should include some Clansman EMERs. Of specific interest are:

The Ferret AFV Manuals Site
This site includes some Larkspur (B47, C13 and C42) and Clansman (VRC353 and Harness) documents.

Witham Specialist Vehicles
Witham Specialist Vehicles at Closterworth, near Grantham in Lincolnshire have the contract for disposal of the Clansman equipment as of May 2009, and are offering around 200 lots in each quarterly auction.

The Xmod Ltd
The Xmod Ltd. offers a wide range of items including cables, connectors, handsets and generators relevant to Clansman operators.

The Signals Research and Development Establishment
SRDE was responsible in the late 1960s for much of the basic technology development and system design underpinning Clansman.

R. Barrett Milradio
Milradio offers a range of Clansman equipment and accessories ex-stock, and there is some data on the site.

Army Radio
This site offers a range of clansman equipment and accessories ex-stock and has photos of most major items. There is also a section with technical papers and information and a large range of manuals on CD-ROM.

Army CCF signals site
The Army CCF signals site still has basic data on all the Clansman radios and antennas.

Vintage Motor Vehicle Manuals
This site also sells a wide range of radio installation and technical manuals.

PA3ECT's site has user and technical manuals for the RT319 and RT320 plus LSB modification details for the RT319.

L.R. Series
Primarily a Landrover site but also some Clansman kit - some items cheaper than E-Bay some not!
I have aquired much of my Clansman collection from E-Bay. I have had good experiences with the following sellers:
  • Canmec
  • Ecerslike
  • Netresousez
  • ta_shuntca_uitco
  • tankmanferret
  • wombat4
  • G4LOO
  • Greenskyrocket
  • Bill_Chem_1

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