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Clansman Radio Sets

Currently I own the following sets

UK/PRC320 aka RT320
The RT320 is an HF mobile manpack, 30W AM, CW and USB from 2 to 30 MHz
LSB Conversiondetails are
now available.
UK/VRC321 aka RT321
The RT321 was used on its own as an HF base transceiver and as the exciter for the VRC322 high power station. Output is 30W CW or 50W PEP SSB (USB) from 1 to 30 MHz.

LSB Conversiondetails are now available.
UK/PRC349 aka RT349
The RT349 was a squad level radio slightly larger than a handheld. It offers 120mW of FM from 36 to 46 MHz in its British version. Export sets had up to 2W on any 10MHz band between 30 and 76 MHz.
UK/PRC352M aka RT352M
The RT351 and RT352 (a 351 with an AM252 PA) provided 5 or 20 watts of FM between 30 and 76 MHz and the M version was modified for use with a BID 300 secure speech unit mounted on the back of the radio.
AM352 FM Amplifier
The AM352 amplifier fitted between the RT351 and a battery to provide a high power portable or clip-in set. The amplifier covers 20 to 76MHz in three bands and provides 20 to 30 watts out for 4 to 5 watts of drive.
UK/PRC353 aka RT353
The RT353 provided 1, 15 or 50 watts of FM between 30 and 80 MHz and offered facilities for interworking with older wideband FM radios and two data modes. In some ways old fashioned, with valves in PA and front end and motor driven tuning it is also more flexible than the manpack sets in many ways and has built in diagnostic metering.

For completeness the other sets in the range were
  • UK/VRQ301
    A repackaged RT352 for permanent vehicle installation.
  • UK/PRC316
    The Larkspur A16 patrol HF radio was retained into the early days of Clansman - I suspect until the PRC 319 entered service.
  • UK/PRC319 aka RT319
    (HF and low VHF special forces manpack, 50W from 2 to 40MHz)
  • UK/VRC322
    (RT321 with 250W valve linear amplifier)
  • UK/PRC344 aka RT344
    (UHF ground to air AM radio from 200 to 399 MHz by 50KHz steps)
    *** Update 20-July-09 *** I now have one - photos soon
  • UK/PRC350
    A lightweight 2W FM VHF manpack
    *** Update 20-July-09 *** I now have one - photos soon

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